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Owning the process and doing the work to assure for you that all the quality handling, pre-rigor processing at sea, intravenous pressure bleeding and the high level of freshness that is part and parcel of my product and business model reaches you. Simply put, I allow my product to be all it can be as mother nature provided for this healthy food for us to enjoy. What you are seeing is a second level of insulation material that I put in my shipping boxes for assurance that your fish arrives cold and fresh as can be. I cut and make this second insulation material to fit into our boxes as shown in the box to the left. Also shown is a second foil bubble insulation bag and a poly bag to eliminate any leakage should it occur. Most likely not as we also have a soaker sheet in each box as well. I invite you to experience the process at sea difference as I have defined it. We are at the start up of our Coho season now till the end of September. Are you ready to experience the processed at sea difference in fresh Copper River salmon? www.gulkanaseafoods.com

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