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Really Expensive Wild Salmon Is Really Worth It

Jane Says: Really Expensive Wild Salmon Is Really Worth ItTop dollar doesn't only mean good fish—it means good ecosystem management too.Pink salmon swimming upstream to spawn. (Photo: Joel Sartore/Getty Images)JUL 8, 2015Jane Lear is a regular contributor to TakePart. She was on staff at 'Gourmet' for almost 20 years.Bio “I know I should avoid [...]

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Understanding the Importance of Bleeding Salmon

UNDERSTANDING THE IMPORTANCE OF BLEEDING SALMONA Narrative by Bill WebberUnderstanding the importance of bleeding salmon is paramount to a wild Alaskan salmon harvester that has a desire to produce a quality product. There are three methods of bleeding salmon used by salmon harvesters in Alaska and each presents a critical time period to be performed for an “optimal” bleed-out in each [...]

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