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Fresh Copper River Salmon- Buy Direct 



2015 ADF&G Fisheries Information  April 21, 2015

Learn about harvest projections, openings and escapement levels.


Copper River Salmon On eBay Another Kettle Of Fish,ebay-king.jpg

Seattle Times, July 2013


Bill Webber, Alaskan Commercial Fisherman

Cooking Up A Story,  CookingUpAStory.Com,  May 2014


Copper River Salmon In Cordova, Alaska

 Copper River’s Salmon Fishery

by Samuel Fromartz, 2009


 Our Crewman, Todd Blaisdell wins ASMI Photo Contest! 

February 19, 2014


 One gnarly day in the life of a fisherman..."you're not just buying fish, you're buying the life of a fisherman" 



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