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Our History

My name is Bill Webber and I'm a 3rd generation fisherman who has spent his life perfecting the quality of harvesting and handling Alaska Wild Salmon. I was born and raised in Cordova, Alaska - home to the world famous Copper River Sockeye Salmon.   

In 2000, I formed Gulkana Seafoods Direct to provide restaurants (wholesale buyers) to have a direct, premium, sourcing solution. We never take our eyes off each and every salmon, from harvest to processing to shipping. I have developed, what I believe to be, the highest quality standards of yielding you premium tasting, visually appealing and highest yielding wild salmon in the world. Our customers are typically, high-end restaurants who source our product on a consistent quantity and basis during the commercial harvest season. They proudly tell the story of our unique processing and handling and consider me their personal fisherman from Alaska. We have a wonderful partnership with these businesses, year in and year out.  We are proud to offer wild salmon to our customers in a way that is respectful of such a truly precious resource.

If you're interested in getting a glimpse into my world, take a look at this video below. It reflects well our business of producing the best quality wild salmon in the world.


Gulkana Seafoods Direct is a harvester direct business model. Being the first owner in the supply chain of my product, I own the quality responsibility as the harvester and can set the bar at its highest level as I control every aspect of my products existence with a total quality approach. I have developed specialized tools and very stringent quality handling procedures, standards and onboard processing techniques that allow my harvest to be all it can be as Mother Nature intended. Discover the Processed at Sea Difference and learn how I have been able to purvey a product that is better in “Death” than in “Life”.


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