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Welcome to Gulkana Seafoods-Direct, my name is Bill Webber and I own and operate Gulkana Seafoods-Direct. We are an Alaskan-based, high-end harvester and purveyor of Wild Alaskan Copper River salmon. I build long-term relationships and connections with source conscious buyers.gsd-vessel.jpg

The 2017 Copper River season will mark my 50th year as a salmon harvester in the Copper River Delta fishery. I first started fishing in a 22 foot cabin skiff in the late 60’s and successsively graduated with the times into incrementally better boats. I have for the most part seen it all and have done it all out on the Copper River delta.  I have learned many skill sets along the way, having also owned and operated a marine design and manufacturing company in the off season.

The Harvester-Direct business model I have been developing for the past 17 years has been alot of fun and an exciting journey. As I continue to develop this model, I continue to adopt new quality standards and tools that improve the premium salmon products that my customers receive and showcase.

I use a total “Lead-by-Example” and “Total-Quality” approach in my business and enjoy sharing the knowledge I have learned on this road less traveled in Alaska’s salmon fisheries. The freedom to chart my own course into an ever changing marketplace has afforded me some unique insights that leaves me thinking - we harvesters can do this! The marketplace appreciates the personal “connect” and level of quality we produce as well as our story.

I am confident that you'll see the differences in our salmon, as a result of the leading edge innovations we're making in harvesting and processing. I embrace the one constant in life, “CHANGE” and understand if “we always do what we have always done, we will always get what we have always got”.  That's not good enough for me, my customers or their businesses.     

In my view, a healthy rural Alaskan fishing economy starts with the fishing family.

Welcome to my salmon world, I hope to fish for you on the next tide. 

Your personal fisherman, Bill Webber


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